A Home Run in Chelsea

  • Michael Meier
  • 11/10/20

When a high-level creative director in Manhattan design firm wanted to sell his magnificent Chelsea loft, we crafted the perfect custom strategy. After enjoying a two-year relationship with Meier Real Estate, the owner was ready to become our client and sell his property, but only if the price was truly right. We hit the “home run” he was looking for by strategically marketing to the loft’s greatest assets.

As part of our marketing campaign we created “Saturday in Chelsea,” a lifestyle video that spoke to the loft’s comfortable luxury-bohemian vibe, showing a couple having friends over, relaxing at home and enjoying the roof deck. To emphasize the apartment’s sunlight, we shot high-end photography from angles that showed off a wall full of windows. And we relied on our strategic showing methods to drive the competitive bidding that ultimately landed our home run sale. After the great job we did for him, our client has introduced us to many other talented individuals who now play major roles in our creative marketing team.

(107 West 25th Street — $1,400,000)

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