Flatiron Flip

  • Michael Meier
  • 11/10/20

When the time came to sell the Flatiron district’s most beautiful loft, the owner trusted us to navigate a complex selling situation. The busy COO of a financial trading company, our client believed in our approach because we had in fact sold him the property from the previous owner. He wanted to flip his current property, and make an offer on a new place before we started marketing his place for sale. This meant that he needed to have utmost confidence in our efforts and that our selling valuation was absolutely critical.

After thorough research we told him we could sell the apartment for approximately $4,500,000. We then helped him find a new apartment to purchase for about $6,000,000. On the same day that his offer was accepted for the purchase of the new apartment, we brought him an all-cash offer for his current apartment: $4,450,000. He signed his purchase contract with a smile on his face, knowing we already had an offer on his old apartment.

(170 Fifth Avenue — $4,450,000)

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