Fourth Time’s the Charm

  • Michael Meier
  • 11/11/20

By the time this property reached MEIER it had already gone through four brokers, and the owner’s hopes of selling his Tribeca condo were wearing thin. Our proven marketing strategies are what ultimately won him over on taking one last chance. A successful businessman with a primary home in New Jersey, the seller initially purchased the condo for his family to stay in while he worked in the city. As the kids grew older, however, the need for so much space began to squander. While the lavish duplex and large outdoor space no longer suit his family’s needs, we knew that it would be a major asset for the right buyer.

Selling this apartment came down to exciting the buyers when they came through the door and overcoming concerns of why the property was on the market for so long. We used video and social media to get the listing seen from a new light and add movement and energy — while highlighting the apartment’s luxurious alterations and amenities. The assets of the property were brought to the forefront, allowing its value to be recognized and creating the sense of urgency buyers needed to move forward. We eliminated the stale nature of the listing and got it sold for $3.66 million.

(101 Warren St. – $3,660,000)

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