MEIER Live Parties: Eli Osdoba Shows Us a Live Outdoor Concert

MEIER Live Parties: Eli Osdoba Shows Us a Live Outdoor Concert

  • Michael Meier
  • 10/9/18

There’s always something exciting going on in New York City. You might be going for a quick stroll to grab some coffee and then all of a sudden you stumble upon a live concert. And that’s exactly what happened in this episode of MEIER Live Parties — MEIER Agent Eli Osdoba takes us to appreciate one of this great city’s popular landmarks: Radio City with an awesome twist.

“You know we’re always busy hustling, running around the city. And you know we never take the time to appreciate the small little interesting cool places in New York. So let’s go check it out!” – Eli Osdoba

The video starts off with the team enjoying juice and wheatgrass shots at The Juice Shop. Eli then tells us that we’d be checking out a spot none of us knew about, only to surprise us with a popular singer rehearsing for an awards show right outside Radio City. Everyone instantly turned to their phones to capture the moment.

“We’re all here to … go on social media, share value with your networks, go tell people about awesome spots in New York City. What better place to teach a lesson about sharing online than in front of Radio City? … This is epic … we got people on the freakin’ roof!” – Michael Meier

Tune in to find out which performer the MEIER Team discovered rehearsing and shared live with their personal networks!

Know a hidden gem we should check out for our next MEIER Live Parties episode? Share it with us in the comments below — we’re always looking for suggestions!

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