MEIER Live Parties: Josh Dess Tells Us a Secret at Whispering Gallery

MEIER Live Parties: Josh Dess Tells Us a Secret at Whispering Gallery

  • Michael Meier
  • 10/29/18

Want to hear a secret? MEIER Agent Joshua Dess brings us to an off-the-grid spot in Grand Central Terminal that even many native New Yorkers know nothing about — an acoustic wonder called the Whispering Gallery. This is one segment of MEIER Live Parties you just have to check out!

“There’s a significant difference in the aesthetic architecture here. The tiles here are actually called Guastavino, and it’s actually named after the famous architect who did the work … If you stand in opposite corners of the gallery, you can actually hear the other person on the opposite side.” – Josh Dess

The Whispering Gallery is located near the entrance of Oyster Bar & Restaurant, where the four arches are situated. Those looking for a cool experience can stand diagonally from each other and whisper something for only the other individual to hear loud and clear all the way across the hall!

“[The Whispering Gallery is] an absolutely amazing attraction, and it’s really not that well known … As a MEIER Team we’re sharing it live on Facebook and Instagram so that you can experience it along with us.” – Josh Dess

Tune in to see this unique MEIER experience for yourself!

We’re looking for more cool New York City secret spots! Know a good one? Let us know in the comments below!

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