MEIER Live Parties: Kristy Berlin Takes Us to Turnstyle Underground Market

MEIER Live Parties: Kristy Berlin Takes Us to Turnstyle Underground Market

  • Michael Meier
  • 10/3/18

At MEIER we really push our agents to use video to brand themselves and educate their networks about different NYC neighborhoods and local hot spots, while also using it to promote listings. But it’s not always so easy to just pull out your smartphone and go live at any given moment. So MEIER Agent Kristy Berlin decided to take the initiative and set up the first of our MEIER Live Parties — a weekly outing where agents meet up at hidden gems to go live together.

“I told everyone they need a MetroCard, headphones and a cellphone. And that’s it … We are breaking barriers today … This actually forced people to get out of their comfort zone and just do it…” – Kristy Berlin

Kristy sent out an announcement for everyone to meet at the office without telling them where she was taking them. So when they all followed her to Columbus Circle, they were surprised to find she was introducing them to a cool underground market. Each agent instantly had a new experience to share.

“Every week at MEIER we have rockstar agents like Kristy that run our Accelerator program and they teach other agents valuable skills to help them grow their business.” – Michael Meier

Sometimes you really need that kick in the right direction to take action. Tune in to get the whole story on our first MEIER Live Party at Turnstyle Underground Market! And find out which MEIER agent went live for the very first time!

Know a fun spot for us to consider for our next episode of MEIER Live Parties? Let us know in the comments below — we’d love to hear your suggestion!

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