MEIER Live Parties: Ryan Carney Takes Us Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral

MEIER Live Parties: Ryan Carney Takes Us Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  • Michael Meier
  • 04/4/19

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks ago, MEIER Agent Ryan Carney hosted our most recent episode of MEIER Live Parties at St. Patrick’s Cathedral — Manhattan’s iconic neo-gothic Roman Catholic cathedral, which welcomes millions of visitors annually and occupies an entire block of the city. The cathedral officially opened its doors in 1879, but the cornerstone of St. Patrick’s Cathedral was laid as far back as 1858.

“The cathedral took 21 years to complete. It was completed in 1878 after construction had stopped during the Civil War. It’s a huge landmark in New York City with over five million visitors each year.” – Ryan Carney

Located on Fifth Avenue right across from Rockefeller Center, the cathedral has been undergoing a massive $200-million multi-phase restoration campaign. With a majority of funds raised through private philanthropy, the cathedral is also looking to establish a $20-million endowment fund to assist with future operations and maintenance costs. Check out more on the different restoration phases that have mostly been completed below:

  • Phase 1: Repairs on the exterior stone and cleaning from Fifth Avenue to the east side of the transepts
  • Phase 2: Restoration and cleaning on the interior of the cathedral (i.e., walls, windows, pews, chapels and ceiling), as well as audiovisual and IT upgrades
  • Phase 3: Restoration to the interior of the Lady Chapel and exterior of the Rectory and Cardinal’s Residence, as well as installment of the geothermal system
    • Geothermal System: A technology to help reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs in the coming decades, as St. Patrick’s Cathedral is committed to putting health and well-being of future generations as well as the preservation of our planet at the forefront

After taking a look at the magnificent New York City landmark, catch up with the rest of the team one block away at P.J. Moran’s Pub, which opened in 1985. It’s a great spot to enjoy a pint of beer while catching the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue — which features over 150,000 marching volunteers and about two million spectators. (Fun Fact: The parade began in 1762. That’s 14 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed!)

“We are here at P.J.’s Pub celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day tradition of a nice Guinness, and we’re ready to watch the parade route on Fifth Avenue which is just one block away from us … That started in the year 1762 with some homesick Irish expats, and the tradition has gone on ever since.” – Kristy Berlin

Be sure to catch the full episode by tuning in now!

Know of another incredible New York City spot we should highlight in our next episode of MEIER Live Parties? Let us know in the comments below!

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