Q: How can I best prepare to move in to my new home?

Q: How can I best prepare to move in to my new home?

  • Michael Meier
  • 01/13/16

A bit of careful planning for moving day will have you re-settled in no time. Here’s what we recommend to our clients at Meier Real Estate:

1. Choose your movers and make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are able to provide a certificate of insurance to your Management Company. Please note you cannot schedule your move-in with your building until after closing. Also remember to schedule your move-out with your current building!

2. Inquire about the process of transferring your cable, Con-Ed and phone lines to your new home from your current home so that you are prepared once you have confirmed your move-in date with your new Management Company.

3. If you plan on painting and/or renovating your new home, look into it now. Although you cannot schedule any of these things until after you close, this is the time to interview contractors, have them review your floor plan to come up with renovation ideas, get quotes from painters, speak with interior designers, etc.

4. If you’re a shareholder in a Co-op, any renovations you undertake must be first outlined in an Alteration Agreement that you submit to the Board for review and approval. Familiarize yourself with this Agreement, if you haven’t already done so during due diligence. Your building might want to see your renovation plans, especially if they are structural, so be aware that those will have to be submitted for approval.

Change may not always be easy, but when you change your home, you change your luck. If you plan ahead properly, when you look back, you’ll remember less of the hardship and more of the thrill that comes from starting a new chapter.

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