Q: When we are ready to sell, how many real estate brokers should we interview? What should we look for in a broker?

Q: When we are ready to sell, how many real estate brokers should we interview? What should we look for in a broker?

  • Michael Meier
  • 01/12/16

As a seller, you’re going to be the employer in this relationship, so treat the process as such. There is no magical number of interviews you should do. You should, however, go into the interview knowing exactly what you are looking for, so that when you find the right agent, you can hire them on the spot. They might be the first agent you meet, or they might be the fifth.

Here are a few things you want to keep in mind during the interview process:

a. Make sure you and the broker get along and communicate well.  Buying and selling can be stressful and arduous at times, so having a clear, open line of communication is important.

b. Make sure your real estate broker demonstrates that they are good negotiators.  Ask them to share with you experiences that demonstrate their understanding of negotiating tactics.

c. Ask the agent for examples of marketing plans they use, and then ask them to pitch how they would market your property on the spot. If your agent is a good salesperson, they should be able to sell you your own apartment right away. Put them on the spot and see how they do.

d. Look for a broker that takes pride in their work. The reason a broker tries to sell an apartment for the highest price is because they care about helping you, and they feel great about doing a good job. The euphoria that a broker can get when they surpass their client’s expectations, or triumph in a negotiation, can be incredible. We all need to earn a living, but to a good broker, it’s about way more than the money. Brokers with passion and the innate desire to succeed are driven to do the best job they can for you.

e. Ask for references and call those references! The background check will give you peace of mind and give you insight into what makes the broker tick that you can’t get anywhere else.

f. Look for a strong strategy. At Meier Real Estate, an agent’s strategy is always supported by his company — an amazing team of copywriters, photographers, mentors and marketing directors that will work together to get your apartment sold for top dollar.

— The MEIER Team

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