Q. Why should I host a party to sell my listing?

Q. Why should I host a party to sell my listing?

  • Michael Meier
  • 11/12/15

When done correctly, hosting an open house party or launch event helps sell properties. How? Because your party encourages guests to imagine themselves living there. With the good mood and good atmosphere you create, your guests start to emotionally connect with the place and to think beyond how it’s currently furnished.

Take, for example, the apartment we just sold at 460 West 23rd Street. The apartment needed a complete gut renovation. At the same time, it had something really amazing — an outdoor space with a lot of potential. When potential buyers visited the space alone, they kept pointing out all the work it needed. However, during the party, the tone of the conversation completely changed. The only thing people spoke about what how fantastic the place was, and how it would be great to have such an apartment for inviting friends over.

Keep in mind that we went far beyond simply inviting a few people over and calling it a party. We really thought through the event to make it fun and appealing. We played the right music, put up hanging lighting to heighten the mood, and had a bartender serving cocktails. The effect was that guests really felt fortunate to be at the party, and the result was that we ended up with multiple offers. The winning bid was 60K over the asking price.

Everyone likes to feel like their apartment will have room to entertain, even if they never end up doing so. If done in a thought-out way, hosting a party can help with the vision. What’s more, when you throw a party, you have a reason to contact the neighbors and invite them. Everyone wants an invite to a party. By hosting a party, you get more eyeballs, and more people asking themselves questions, like “Is this home for me”? or “Could this be a great home for a friend of mine”? The positive effect of a party comes down one simple fact: the more people talking positively about the listing, the greater the likelihood it will sell.

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