Selling a Gem The Right Way

  • Michael Meier
  • 11/10/20

This true Upper West Side gem was going to be a hot commodity no matter what. A managing partner at a prestigious investment bank, our numbers-focused client chose us for our abilities to create a highly strategic and proactive plan and to drive maximum results.

To sell this gem the right way, we created a custom print and video campaign that included celebrating our client’s detailed renovations, which had transformed a once-mediocre property into a “smart home” modernized by an award-winning architect. We also created a marketing video in which we hosted a masquerade party at the apartment to boast about its size and spacious floor plan.

As part of our marketing initiative we specifically advised our client against altering the apartment to align it closer to market expectations. We believe that if you want to stay more valuable than your competition, you must celebrate what makes you unique. While building a third bedroom would have added some conventional appeal, it would have also ruined the “open, airy feel” that won over the happy successful buyers. Our careful listing price led to multiple bids and ultimately we sold the property at $100,000 over the asking price.

(277 West End Avenue — $3,850,000)

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