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As a full service brokerage catering to prime real estate in Manhattan, once you retain our services you will be provided with Meier Real Estate’s innovative and strategic marketing platforms. The ultimate goal of our marketing strategy is to sell your property for the highest price. The way we do it is by customizing a creative worldwide marketing campaign to establish the greatest reach for your property:

  • Provide professional photos, videos, updated floorplans, 3D renderings and other creative presentations
  • Syndicate your property across all real estate databases (Streetasy, Zillow, etc put in logos), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. put in logos) search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc, put in logos), in addition to the all NY brokerages (show logos of syndication websites here)
  • Craft high-end print media that can be advertised in worldwide publications
  • Mail all local buildings in the neighborhood an exclusive letter offering your property for sale
  • Contact our database of high net worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies to personally announce the sale of your property

Meier Real Estate Creative Team

Meier Real Estate uses a multi-tier local and international branding strategy. We choose a specific marketing and sales solution for your property to ensure maximum exposure for the type of inventory your home exemplifies. With our “Meier Real Estate Creative Team” marketing platform we achieve just that through additional levels of creative property branding:

  • Our team of graphic designers, videographers and tech savvy experts will craft “mini-movies” to present your property in another light
  • Our talented team consist of people who have worked with major production companies such as HBO, PBS and Discovery to name a few
  • Our creative consultants are comprised of fashion industry experts form the Houses of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, to modeling agencies, international branding firms and even emergent Hollywood directors

Meier Real Estate’s mission is to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of care that surpasses their expectations. We will stay connected with you throughout the process of bringing a deal to a successful conclusion. Here’s how:

  • Schedule and coordinate with you the most optimal days and times for Open Houses and showings
  • Present and discuss with you all pre-qualified prospective buyers and/or tenants
  • Weekly conference calls and reports showing all activities performed on property’s behalf
  • Expertly negotiate on your behalf while providing constant updates
  • Provide all current and correct information about your property and building
  • Review Board packages, prepare prospects for Board interviews and provide recommendations to attorneys, decorators and contractors

Why choose MI?

Marketing real estate requires creativity and expertise, first and foremost. It also demands a lot of time and financial investment. Our clients choose us, and refer us over and over again, because they see how we apply our deep commitment to these critical elements of real estate marketing and advertising in order to attain the highest price in the sale of their property.

  • Meier Real Estate has a combined 20 years of experience in selling Manhattan real estate
  • We have a tremendous network of international brokers, industry experts and high net worth individuals
  • Meier Real Estate advises how clients can save and make money through our sales solutions

175 West 12th Street

We sold this for $515,000 above our asking price of $2,000,000. We did this using our strategic planning and incorporated our video.  This apartment was great, but it had a unique corner shape and we wanted to show that this was a positive not negative attribute to the space. We also wanted to promote the outside space of this apartment.

277 West end avenue

Sold for $ 100,000 over asking price of 3,750,000.  If we need to say we overcame an obstacle: This was a super luxury modern apartment in a pre-war building. We needed a buyer to appreciate the duality of the building and lobby vs the apartment.

109 West 26th Street

“Marketing miracles!”

If we want to present an obstacle, this apartment is the easiest as it was a very hard sale!

Some apartments are more of a challenge to sell then others.  That was the case with this unique Chelsea lofts.  The apartment was two separate apartments in one, was cut up into so many rooms, and was dark.  Buyer’s couldn’t get their minds wrapped around the space and we needed to remove the stigma! We decided to do a national advertising campaign to bring attention to how “hot” this property could be.  We used well known models from top modeling agencies, featured our photos in numerous publications including a full spread on the front inside cover of Manhattan Magazine.  The result, we sold the apartment, and got the seller an offer several hundred above what he was willing to accept!

170 Fifth Avenue

“Its all about pricing!”

The owner “Gary” approached me and said, I want to flip my apartment and purchase a larger space.  I am going to rely on you to tell me what I can sell my current apartment for, and I am going to base the amount I offer on my next purchase on your analysis. Since he was going to make an offer on a new place before we started marketing his apartment for sale with us, our valuation was critical!  After much research we told him we could sell the apartment for approximately $4,500,000.  We helped him find an apartment to purchase for aprox $6,000,000, and on the same day that he got his offer accepted on the purchase, we brought him an all cash offer for $4,450,000.  Gary signed his purchase contract with a smile on his face knowing we already had an offer on his apartment.

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Finding an agent who is not only knowledgeable in both markets, but also trusted and respected can be tricky, but with Michael Meier representing you that is what you will have every time.